Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Kimora...For Pete's Sake!!!

As I perused the clothing racks of JC Penny’s the other day, I could not help myself and I checked out Kimora Lee Simmons new clothing line, Fabulousity. I must admit the sight I saw was far from fabulous. At first I could not believe my eyes…for starters they were in pain and second I was in disbelief that the queen of ghetto fashion and one of my biggest idols would produce such an ugly garment let alone put her name and face on the tag for all the world to see. Do not get me wrong I love Kimora but something has gone wrong. Maybe this split from Russell wasn’t the smartest move because he clearly would not let his Phat Farm dynasty ship out such heinous clothes hence the reason Kimora has been forced to create her own “alternative” line. I understand we are going through some tough economic times but this is no excuse. Last time I checked, the recession didn’t affect your ability to design clothes Ms. Simmons. I recommend you and your bootylicious butt go back to the drawing board before I throw up on another hideous shirt and am forced to buy it. Kimora enough of this crap. I know you wouldn’t leave your house in half the rags you produce for this line so what on God’s green planet makes you think anyone else would?!